Sunday, December 14, 2014


So you know how when a friend does something or says something really funny or embarrassing and you make fun of them for the rest of their life? Okay well this was one of those times.

My friend Brittany (I call her B) and I were sitting on her couch watching Halloweentown and eating pizza (this was back in October and I had never seen it before so she was forcing me to watch it). So we had just finished up a photo shoot and it was pouring rain and we were both freezing cold and wet. We went around her house, which is pretty big, and found about twelve blankets. We piled them all on top of ourselves trying to warm up.

One thing you need to know about B was that she was one of the most proper people I'd ever met. She would still swear and randomly dance all the time so I guess proper isn't the right word but she would freak out if my stomach made a noise or if I burped or even sneezed, she was a little crazy about those things.

So there we were, watching Halloweentown and eating pizza, scrolling through the pictures we had took outside when B missed 'The best part of the movie'. Halloweentown is a kids movie that plays on Disney Chanel so I thought she was being childish when she said it was scary. B made us rewind to her favorite part when a lady walked past the main character in the movie. The ladies face was all messed up and ugly and she hissed at the other girl while she walked bye. Apparently this scared B so badly that she farted... really loudly. She sat there for a minute, thinking I didn't hear her but there was not one person in that house that didn't hear. So naturally I started cracking up and B crawled under all twelve of the blankets, I wasn't sure if she was laughing or crying. I had gotten to the point where my side hurt, I couldn't breathe and I was crying. I had never laughed so hard in my life and I honestly think we laughed for two hours. I went home and literally told both my parents, my brother, my sister, all my friends and even my singing teacher. She wasn't happy but sometimes in the middle of class I'll start laughing and she'll look at me and just say 'Halloweentown.?'

Maybe Halloweentown will be our always.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Spoken Word

Don't wake your grandma up by fall through a window when your sneaking back inside at three in the morning.
If someone tells you no, tell them yes and do it anyway.
Don't be friends with somebody if they make you miserable, they might be fun sometimes but a                friend shouldn't make you feel bad about your self.
Don't focus on embarrassing things from the past, nobody else remembers it.
Focus on what makes you happy, if you ignore the bad things in life, chances are you'll be happier in the end.
Always remember that there's more in this world than just your town, go explore.
Never forget that somebody loves you, you just might not know it yet.