Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Modest Proposal

            In current times, woman are expected to look and act in strict ways. To fit in with society you have to be tall... but not too tall, or skinny... but not too skinny. You have to be proper, but not too uptight. Mainly, woman are judged on body types. If you don't fit in with today's standards, you don't fit in at all. Girls and teenagers are the worst. If you look even the slightest bit different from the 'popular' girls, you're high school reputation is ruined. The 'popular girls' pretend that it's okay to be different because they want to seem like nice people but outside of school, they would never even talk to one of the 'nerds'. Ew she has glasses and braces, what a freak! Things like this cause those 'nerds' and the 'different' people to feel like they don't belong and then some get depressed, self-harm and in extreme cases suicide is the only way out for some people, and it's not just girls. The media puts out these one hundred, five foot nine girls for us to look up to, which isn't okay. Girls get these images of what they think is 'perfection' and will do anything to look like them. Girls go weeks without eating or weeks and weeks of eating and then throwing up everything they just ate. These things are bad for you and can kill you. Girls are willing to risk death just to look like the girls on television and in magazines.
            There is a simple solution for this problem, why not just make every pretty person ugly?? It’s much easier to make pretty people ugly rather than ugly people pretty am I right? It wouldn't even be to complex! At the age of 10, everyone, including boys, go in for an evaluation and if they are or will be pretty, you send them into surgeries like reverse liposuction and facial reconstruction. All the models would be normal and ugly and all the ugly people wouldn't feel ugly because everyone would be! One of my favorite quotes on this subject is “When everyone is beautiful, no one will be because without any ugliness there can be no beauty” (The Twilight Zone). In this situation you take it and reverse it so, when everyone is ugly, no one will be because without any beauty there can be no ugliness!
            Now, with my plan but in place, of course girls will still feel like they don’t belong but there will be significantly less. Girls would be happier with themselves, as would boys which would give them a boost of confidence and encourage them to do bigger, better things. All the happiness could even effect the world because why does war start? Because somebody is unhappy… buuuuuut if everyone is happy, BOOM! No more wars! World peace! Yay!
            Yes, many people will not like this. They’ll say that surgery is dangerous. But so is being beautiful, beauty can cause someone to be vain and mean which can cause them to be hated. Surgery is dangerous but when you have a beautiful person, who knows it, they can hurt someone and then that person could be unhappy. People will say there’s a chance of death with surgery but if they’re pretty then dying wouldn't do anything bad to the world because with this plan we are attempting to get rid of beauty! People say that they want to stay pretty but if they really want to stay pretty they can go run into the forest and stay there, out of sight from the ugly people.
            So basically this plan will end in world peace and less deaths caused by suicide and less people would be depressed, and who doesn't want that??

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